The Collaborative Impact Fund of Denver (CIFD) was recently awarded a $25,000 grant from the U.S. Bank Foundation for start-up and program development in 2023-2024. The first phase of the grant will be used in 2023 to develop services for small nonprofits. Specifically, funding will be used to develop technical assistance and employee support services to small BIPOC-led and BIPOC-serving nonprofits serving in the highest need neighborhoods in Denver. These activities will give small nonprofits direct connections to funding and training opportunities from city agencies and place priority on supporting nonprofit frontline staff who serve our unhoused neighbors.

“As a CIFD Board Member and community supporter, U.S. Bank is proud to align our company values to ensure our social impact investing dollars are at work, helping to address some of Denver’s most pressing social issues by supporting the crucial and transformational work of community partners around entrepreneurship and economic mobility,” says Marcia Romero, VP and Community Affairs Manager at U.S. Bank.

The Collaborative Impact Fund of Denver (CIFD) is a new nonprofit partnership organization founded by the Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement (D-ONE) under the City and County of Denver’s Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships (HRCP). “The U.S. Bank Foundation’s generous funding is central to the mission and activities of the Collaborative Impact Fund of Denver and will help initiate new projects identified by the Denver Nonprofit Engagement Commission,” states Acting CEO, Dr. Ken Seeley. Commission priorities for the next 12 months include support for improving small nonprofits’ staff who work in housing and mental health programs for the homeless. Support for nonprofit staff well-being will be planned for implementation in 2024. It will be included in the training, technical assistance and navigation services provided by the CIFD and the Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement (D-ONE).

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